Lumber and Plywood

Each Big Creek Lumber yard stocks a large selection of lumber and plywood in a variety of dimensions for all your building project needs.  All of our material is sourced from mills with long-standing reputations for quality and consistency.

Doug Fir Lumber

Our yards carry a full line of top-quality Douglas fir green framing lumber in the following dimensions:

  • 2x4 through 2x12
  • 4x4 through 4x14
  • 6x6 through 6x12
  • 8’ – 24’ lengths

In addition to green framing material, we also stock kiln-dried Douglas fir.  Our contractor sales staff welcomes orders for special sizes, dimensions, or lengths.


  • Standard dimensions through 1x12
  • Kiln dried lumber.


  • Currently stocked in our Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay locations
  • Dimensions 1x4-1x8


  • 1x6 random-lengths

Pressure-treated Doug Fir

  • Standard dimensions up to 6x12

Pressure-treated Hem Fir (brown tone)

  • Standard dimensions up to 6x8


  • ACX
  • CDX
  • Marine ply
  • Mahogany luan
  • Birch shop plywood
  • Red oak and red oak shop plywood
  • OSB

Get more information about our Lumber and Plywood products in our eShowroom.