Big Creek Lumber's Redwood Grades

Big Creek Lumber's sawmill produces a wide variety of high quality redwood lumber. 

Clear Heart is an exceptional grade that is clear of knots and contains only the durable heartwood that gives redwood its name.  It is without peer among softwoods for interior and exterior use.

Clear grade is equivalent to clear heart except that the blond colored sapwood is permitted.

B Grade is a quality appearance grade that allows for a very limited number of knots and is intended for uses where only one face and one edge are exposed.  Principal uses include trim, molding, fascia, siding and decking.  Sapwood is permitted.

Big Creek's Select Heart/Heart B is a quality mixed all heart grade.  It is typically used for top end decking, exterior siding, fascia, and patio furniture.

Construction Heart is a versatile, all-purpose all heart grade.  It is commonly used for fascia, decking, timbers and many other home and garden projects.

Construction Common is similar to Construction Heart except that sapwood is permitted in the grade.  It is widely used for decking and fence boards.

#1 Shop Grade is designed to contain at least 60% Clear cuttings.  Its uses would include the manufacture of window and door parts.

Merch Heart is a utilitarian all heart grade that is typically used for garden or outdoor applications such as posts, fencing, retaining walls and expansion joints.

Big Creek's Mill Run typically consists of side cuts from the outer portion of the log and while high in sapwood content, it contains a lot of highly useable grade.  Its lower cost lends itself well to a variety of more labor intensive manufactured products such as spa parts, lattice panels and stakes.

Economy is a grade that permits a high level of various defects.  It is generally used for boxes, crating and temporary construction.